İzmit-TOSB wide load transportation! 29.04.2010
 We have succesfully transported the following Conventional Air Tight Wacuum Furnece door from Izmit,TR to TOSB, TR.
100_0996.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0989.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0987.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat
100_0984.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0981.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0997.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat
100_0806.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0804.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0808.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat


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