Sekerpinar-Derince Boiler Transportation! 23.01.2010
We have succesfully completed a boiler tank with the dimentions of 4.20m long 4.20m wide 5.60m high 31t from Istanbul Sekerpinar to Derince port.
100_0688.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0712.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0690.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 
100_0691.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0692.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0696.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat
100_0703.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0687.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat 100_0682.jpg picture by akkusagirnakliyat


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